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Syllabus - Introduction Diseases of Wildlife Instructor Dr...

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Introduction Diseases of Wildlife Instructor: Dr Noble Jackson Room 202a, Vet Sci & Micro Ph: 626-1611 [email protected] Office Hours Tues & Weds 10 AM - 4 PM, Thurs 10am-noon by appointment Introduction: Diseases of Wildlife, VSC 449, is an upper division 3 hour lecture focusing on diseases of North American Wildlife Species. The course will highlight the ecology of wildlife diseases, social and political challenges of wildlife disease management, wildlife forensics, and adaptive management of wildlife disease. Special emphasis will be placed on historical events in wildlife disease discovery, Zoonotic wildlife diseases, and diseases of wildlife in native southwestern species. Objectives: 1. Expose students to common North American Wildlife Diseases of mammals and avian species 2. Study zoonotic wildlife diseases 3. Familiarize students with the risks associated with wildlife translocation 4. Expose students to current efforts in controlling the spread of wildlife diseases. Prerequisites: MIC 205A VSC 400A VSC 400B( A & P)
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Textbooks: Recommended Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals , Third Edition, Edited by Elizabeth S. Williams
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