Newbie 2 What's Your Name

Newbie 2 What's Your Name - Newbie Intro 2 What's your name...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Intro 2: What's your name? A: (A0002) Nhao. i Hello. B: Nhao, n jiao shenme mngzi? i i ` i Hello. What's your name? A: W jiao W o ` ang Png. N ne? i i My name is Wang Ping. How about you? B: W jiao L L`. o ` i i My name is Li Li. Key Vocabulary nhao i ` jiao shenme mngzi i hello to be called what name Supplementary Vocabulary x`ng i n de i sh` i i haotng i gaox`ng ` renshi ` ` jianmian family name your to be pleasant to hear happy to know to meet ...
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