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Newbie 5 Do You Have A Menu

Newbie 5 Do You Have A Menu - Newbie Intro 5 Do you have a...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Intro 5: Do you have a menu? A: (A0005) ` ou ` Qng wen y caidan ma? i Excuse me, do you have a menu? B: Y de. Qng shaodeng. ou i Yes. Please wait a moment. A: Hao de. OK. Key Vocabulary ` qng wen i y ou ` caidan qng i shaodeng hao de Supplementary Vocabulary may I ask; excuse me to have menu please to wait a moment OK maidan haoch i ` cai tang ` diancai to ask for the bill tasty dish soup to order food ...
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