Newbie 6 I Want To Buy This One

Newbie 6 I Want To Buy This One - Newbie Intro 6 I want to...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Intro 6: I want to buy this one A: ao ` Nhao, wo y` mai mianbao. i Hello. I'd like to buy some bread. (A0006) B: Hao de. OK. A: Duoshao qian? How much is it? B: 5 W kuai qian. u ` Five RMB. Key Vocabulary y` ao mai ` mianbao duoshao to want to buy bread how much qian money 5 RMB 5 ` wu kuai qian Supplementary Vocabulary ` dangao bnggan i sanmngzh` i i ` hanbao i na y zhong gu` i pianyi cake cookie sandwich hamburger which kind expensive cheap ...
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