Newbie 7 Basic Greetings

Newbie 7 Basic Greetings - Newbie Basic Greetings A(A0007 N...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Basic Greetings A: (A0007) ? N hao ma? i How are you? B: ` Hen hao, xiexie. I'm very well, thank you. A: N sh` zhongguoren ma? i i Are you Chinese? B: , Bu sh`, wo sh` meiguoren. ` i i No, I'm American. Key Vocabulary n hao ma i wo hen how are you I very hao ` xiexie n i sh` i zhongguoren ma b` u meiguoren good thank you you to be Chinese person (question particle) not American person Supplementary Vocabulary du`buq i i meiguanxi b` o ucu ` ` qng wen i ` b` ong xie uy` b` ai ut ` sorry it does not matter not bad excuse me not at all not very ...
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