Newbie 8 Where Are You From

Newbie 8 Where Are You From - Newbie Where are you from...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Where are you from? A: (A0008) T sh` Meiguoren ma? a i Is he American? B: Bu sh`, ta sh` Yngguoren. ` i i i No, he's British. A: T hen mang ma? a Is he very busy? B: Du`, ta hen mang. i Yes, he's very busy. Key Vocabulary sh` i Meiguoren b` u to be American person not Yngguoren i hen mang British person very busy Supplementary Vocabulary guojia na guo na guo ren Zhongguoren Meiguoren F oren agu Deguoren Hanguoren ` Jianadaren Xnjiaporen i nation which country people of which country Chinese person American person Frenchman German Korean Canadian Singaporean ` ` i ar Aodal`y` en Australian i laiz` nali cong nali lai come from where where from ...
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