Newbie 9 Where Are You Going

Newbie 9 Where Are You Going - Newbie Where are you going...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Where are you going? A: (A0009) W ang Xiansheng, n hao ma? i Mr. Wang, how are you? B: W hen hao, L Xiaojie, n ne? o i i I'm fine, Miss Li, and you? A: W y hen hao. N qu nali? o e i ` I'm fine too. Where are you going? B: ` W qu xuexiao. o ` I'm going to school. Key Vocabulary xiansheng xiaojie y e Mr. Ms. also qu ` nali ` xuexiao to go where school Supplementary Vocabulary ` dao gongs i gongyuan ` shangdian jchang i hujia i yuan j`n i to go company park store airport to go home far near, close ...
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