Newbie 10 How Are You Feeling

Newbie 10 How Are You Feeling - Newbie - How are you...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - How are you feeling? A: ? (A0010) N jntian hao ma? i i How are you today? B: ? ` Hen hao, xiexie. N ne? i Very well. And you? A: ` Mamahuhu. W jntian hen lei. o i So-so. Today, I am very tired. B: Zhende ma? W` enme? eish Really? Why? A: Ynwei wo hen mang. i ` Because I am very busy. Key Vocabulary jntian i hao today good ` xiexie mamahuhu ` lei ` weishenme ynwei i ` mang Supplementary Vocabulary z enmey` ang b` o ucu ` i shent kun ` shufu thank you so-so tired why because busy how about not bad body sleepy comfortable ...
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