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Newbie 11 I'm Upset

Newbie 11 I'm Upset - Newbie I'm upset A(A0011 N z i enme...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - I'm upset A: (A0011) N z i enme le? What's the matter with you? B: ` W hen nanguo. o I am very upset. A: Zhende ma? W` enme? eish Really? Why? B: Du`buq, wo b` neng shuo. i i u I'm sorry, I can't say. Key Vocabulary z enme le hen ` nanguo zhende what's wrong very upset really ` weishenme du`buq i i b` u neng shuo Supplementary Vocabulary xnqng i i shangxn i i gaox`ng jdong i ` xngf` i en ` anwei why sorry not to be able to to say mood sad happy excited excited to comfort ...
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