Newbie 12 Can You Speak Chinese

Newbie 12 Can You Speak Chinese - Newbie Can you speak...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Can you speak Chinese? A: (A0012) ` N hu` shuo putonghua ma? i i Can you speak Mandarin? B: i i W hu` shuo ydian, n hu` shuo Yngyu ma? o i i i I can speak a little. Can you speak English? A: Yngyu? W b` i shuo. i o uhu` English? I can't speak it. Key Vocabulary hu` i b` i uhu` shuo ` putonghua Yngyu i can cannot to speak Mandarin English ydian i a bit Supplementary Vocabulary yuy an muyu w` u aiy zhong tng i shuo du xie language parent language foreign language kind to listen to speak to read to write ...
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