Newbie 13 I Can Sing, But I Cant Dance

Newbie 13 I Can Sing, But I Cant Dance - Newbie - I can...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - I can sing, but I can't dance A: (A0013) ` i Putonghua n dong ma? Do you understand Chinese? B: W dong ydiandian. o i I understand a little bit. A: N hu` shuo ma? i i Can you speak? B: W b` hu` shuo. o u i I can't speak. A: N hu` changge ma? i i ` Can you sing? B: ` W hu` changge, dansh` wo b` hu` tiaowu. o i ` i u i ` I can sing, but I can't dance. Key Vocabulary ` putonghua dong ydiandian i hu` i shuo ` changge ` dansh` i ` tiaowu Supplementary Vocabulary Zhongwen Yngwen i ` diannao yundong ` ` da lanqiu t zuqiu i Chinese English computer sports to play basketball to play football mandarin to understand a little can to speak to sing but to dance ...
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