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Newbie 14 Mr Li Is Busy At The Office Today

Newbie 14 Mr Li Is Busy At The Office Today - Newbie Mr Li...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Mr. Li is busy at the office today A: (A0014) L xiansheng b` sh` meiguoren. i u i Mr Li is not American. B: T sh` yngguoren. a i i He is English. A: ` T b` i shuo putonghua. a uhu` He can't speak Mandarin. B: ` Dansh` ta dong. i But he understands it. A: ` ` T jntian zai bangongsh`. a i i He is in the office today. B: T hen mang. a He is very busy. B: ` T zuotian zai jia. a He was at home yesterday. A: T zuotian b` ang. a um He wasn't busy yesterday. Key Vocabulary b` u sh` i meiguoren yngguoren i b` i uhu` shuo ` putonghua ` dansh` i not to be American person British person cannot to say mandarin but dong ` bangongsh` i hen mang to understand office very busy Supplementary Vocabulary tngdedong i tngbudong i Zhongwen ` hanyu tongsh` i gongs i ` shangban xiuxi listen to and understand not to understand Chinese Chinese language colleague company to go to work rest ...
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