Newbie 15 I Would Like To Buy A Pen

Newbie 15 I Would Like To Buy A Pen - Newbie I would like...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - I would like to buy a pen A: (A0015) , ? Nhao, n xiang mai shenme? i i Hello. What would you like to buy? B: . i oumeiy ou? W xiang mai b. Y o I'd like to buy a pen. Do you have one? A: , . Du`buq, wo meiy b. i i ou i Sorry, I don't have pens. B: . Meiguanxi. That's OK. Key Vocabulary nhao i n i xiang hello you to want to mai shenme wo b i ou y oumeiy du`buq i i ou meiy meiguanxi to buy what I pen to have I am sorry not to have It doesn't matter. Supplementary Vocabulary shu bj`ben ii ygong i ` duoshao qian ` an mai w le shaodeng book notebook all together how much money be sold out wait for a while ...
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