Newbie 18 It's Delicious

Newbie 18 It's Delicious - Newbie It's delicious A(A0018 N...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - It's delicious! A: (A0018) N zai ch shenme? i ` i What are you eating? B: W zai ch shuguo. o ` i i I'm eating fruit. A: Haoch ma? i Is it good? B: Haoch. i Yes. Key Vocabulary ` zai (particle indicating present continuous tense; an action that is taking place now) to eat ch i shenme shuguo i haoch i what fruit delicious Supplementary Vocabulary b` haoch u i ` mianbao pngguo i he haohe ynliao i ` pjiu i k e el ` not delicious bread apple to drink delicious beverage beer cola ...
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