Newbie 19 Story Time_ Likes And Dislikes

Newbie 19 Story Time_ Likes And Dislikes - Newbie Story...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Story Time: Likes and Dislikes A: L Xiaojie sh` Yngguoren. i i i Miss Li is English. (A0019) B: ` ta hu` shuo putonghua. i She can speak Mandarin. A: i ta xhuan ch miantiao. i ` She likes to eat noodles. B: Chen Xiaojie b` xhuan ch miantiao. u i i ` Miss Chen doesn't like to eat noodles. A: eich ta f ang xhuan ch jrou. i i i ` She really likes to eat chicken. B: i Chen Xiaojie xhuan he guozh. i Miss Chen likes to drink fruit juice. A: u i ta b` xhuan hejiu. She doesn't like to drink alcohol. B: L Xiaojie xhuan hejiu. i i Miss Li likes to drink alcohol. Key Vocabulary sh` i Yngguoren i hu` i shuo ` putonghua xhuan i ch i ` miantiao to be British person can to say Mandarin to like to eat noodles b` u f ang eich jrou i ` Supplementary Vocabulary niurou ` ` y angrou zhurou ` k e el ` mf` i an jiaozi shucai ` not extremely chicken beef mutton pork cola rice dumplings vegetables ...
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