Newbie 20 Phone Calls

Newbie 20 Phone Calls - Newbie Phone Calls A(A0020 ` ` ` W...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Phone Calls A: (A0020) ` ` ` W Chen taitai zai bu zai? ei, Hello? Is Mrs. Chen there? B: T b` zai. N sh` shei? a u ` i i She's not here. Who are you? A: W sh` W o i ang xiansheng. T qu nali le? a ` I'm Mr. Wang. Where did she go? B: T qu Beijng le. a ` i She went to Beijing. A: ` ` ` Hao, xiexie, zaijian. OK, thanks. Bye! Key Vocabulary wei hello (on the phone only) ` Chen taitai ` ` zai bu zai b` u ` zai sh` i shei W ang xiansheng qu ` nali i Beijng Supplementary Vocabulary i kaihu` shaodeng zhdao i ` ` zaijia Mrs. Chen to be in or not not in to be who Mr. Wang to go where Beijing held a meeting wait for a while know at home ` da cuo le dial the wrong number ...
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