Newbie 21 Numbers, Days of the Week, and Months

Newbie 21 Numbers, Days of the Week, and Months - Newbie...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Numbers, Days of the Week, and Months (A0021) r`, tian i day xngqy i i i Monday xngqer i i` Tuesday xngqsan i i Wednesday xngqs` i i i Thursday xngqwu i i Friday xngqliu i i ` Saturday xngqtian i i Sunday ` yue month yyue i ` January ` ` eryue February ` sanyue March s`yue i ` April wuyue ` May liuyue ` ` June qyue i ` July ` bayue August jiuyue ` September shyue i ` October shyyue i i ` November ` sheryue i` December Key Vocabulary r` i tian xngqy i i i xngqer i i` xngqsan i i xngqs` i i i day day, heaven Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday xngqwu i i xngqliu i i ` xngqtian i i ` yue yyue i ` ` ` eryue ` sanyue s`yue i ` wuyue ` liuyue ` ` qyue i ` ` bayue jiuyue ` shyue i ` shyyue i i ` Friday Saturday Sunday month January February March April May June July August September October November ` sheryue i` Supplementary Vocabulary lbaiy i ` i lbaitian i ` i zhouy i zhour` nian December Monday Sunday Monday Sunday year ...
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