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Newbie 22 Initial Client Meetings

Newbie 22 Initial Client Meetings - Newbie Initial Client...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Initial Client Meetings A: (A0022) i ` i Chen Xiaojie, nhao, wo x`ng W i ang, zhe sh` wo de mngi ` pian. Hello, Miss Chen. My name is Wang, this is my name card. B: ` i W ang Xiansheng, nhao, hen gaox`ng renshi n. i i Hello Mr.Wang, very nice to meet you. A: ` Chen Xiaojie, n y meiy mngpian? i ou ou i Miss Chen, do you have a name card? B: ` i ` Y Zhe sh` wo de mngpian. ou. i Yes I have. This is my card. A: ` ` i Xiexie n. Thank you. Key Vocabulary Chen Xiaojie x`ng i W ang ` zhe sh` i wo de ` mngpian i W Xiansheng ang hen i gaox`ng ` renshi y meiy ou ou y ou Ms. Chen to be surnamed Wang this to be my business card Mr. Wang very happy to meet to have or not to have Supplementary Vocabulary gu`x`ng i i rongx`ng i uji ` haojiu b` an i lianx` ` ` dianhua w` ang le family name be honored long time no see contact phone forget ...
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