Newbie 23 Mobile Phones

Newbie 23 Mobile Phones - Newbie Mobile Phones A(A0023 ` i...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Mobile Phones A: (A0023) ` i i Zhe sh` shei de shouj? Whose mobile phone is this? B: ` ` Heise de sh` wo de. Lanse de sh` ta de. i i The black one is mine. The blue one is his. A: ` o W neng jie ma? Can I borrow it? B: K i, meiwent. ey ` i Of course, no problem. Key Vocabulary sheide i shouj ` heise whose mobile phone;cell phone black wo de ` lanse ta de neng ` jie ` i went mine blue his can to borrow;to lend problem Supplementary Vocabulary y e ans ` ` baise ` hongse ` ` dadianhua y` ong y ou huan color white red to dial a telephone to use to have return ...
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