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Newbie 25 Exchanging Personal Info - Newbie Exchanging...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Exchanging Personal Info A: (A0025) N jiao shenme mngzi? i ` i What is your name? B: W jiao Chen Lmei, n ne? o ` i i My name is Chen Limei. What is your name? A: W jiao L Dong. N zhuzai nali? o ` i i ` ` My name is Li Dong. Where do you live? B: ` ` i W zhuzai Shanghai, zai Nanjng Lu. o ` ` ` I live in Shanghai. On Nanjing Road. Key Vocabulary ` jiao shenme mngzi i to be called what name zhuzai ` ` nali to live at where Supplementary Vocabulary x`ng i sheng sh` i ` xian qu ` zhen xiang cun tng guo i qu guo ` laoxiang family name province city county region town district village have heard have been to fellow-villager ...
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