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Newbie 26 Polite Introductions - Newbie Polite...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Polite Introductions A: (A0026) ` Qng wen nn gu`x`ng? i i i i May I ask for your family name? B: W x`ng Zhang. o i My family name is Zhang. A: Zhang Xiansheng nn cong nali lai? i Mr. Zhang, where are you from? B: W sh` Beijngren. o i i I am from Beijing. Key Vocabulary ` qng wen i nn i gu`x`ng i i may I ask you (polite) honorable surname wo x`ng i Zhang Zhang sheng cong nali lai sh` i Xian- I to be surnamed Zhang Mr. Zhang from where to come to be Supplementary Vocabulary xiaojie laojia Shandong ` Shanghai Guangdong young lady; Miss native place Shandong Shanghai Guangdong Xianggang T an aiw i Dongjng Lundun Niuyue Hong Kong Taiwan Tokyo London New York ...
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