Newbie 27 Call me!

Newbie 27 Call me! - Newbie Call me A(A0027 ` ` L Xiansheng...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Call me! A: (A0027) ` ` L Xiansheng zai bu zai? i Is Mr. Li there? B: i T b` zai, ta dao Beijng qu le. a u ` ` ` He is not here. He went to Beijing. A: Zhende? T shenme shhou hulai? a i i Really? When is he coming back? B: ` T mngtian hu Shanghai. a i i He will come back to Shanghai tomorrow. Key Vocabulary ` ` zai bu zai ` dao shenme shhou i to be in or not to when, what time hulai i hu i qu ` mngtian i to come back to return (to) to go tomorrow Supplementary Vocabulary chuqu le ` zaijia chuchai i xia xngq i i kaihu` gangcai be out at home go on business next week hold a meeting just now ...
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