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Newbie 28 Where Ya Headed

Newbie 28 Where Ya Headed - Newbie Where ya headed A(A0028...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Where ya headed? A: (A0028) Zao, n qu nar? i ` Morning. Where are you going? B: W qu bangongsh`. o ` ` i I am going to the office. A: ` Bangongsh` zai shenme d`fang? i ` i Where is your office? B: ` i Zai Nanjng Lu ybai hao. ` i ` On Nanjing Road, number 100. Key Vocabulary zao qu ` nar morning to go where ` bangongsh` i ` zai shenme d`fang i office at what place Supplementary Vocabulary ynhang i y u ouj ` chezhan ` i diant lou bank post office bus station elevator building ...
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