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Newbie 29 Sightseeing

Newbie 29 Sightseeing - Newbie Sightseeing A(A0029 ` ` Qng...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Sightseeing A: (A0029) ` ` Qng wen Tian'anmenguangchang zai nali? i Excuse me, where is Tiananmen Square? B: Tian'anmenguangchang l zhel b` yuan. i `i u It is not far from here. A: Zenme z ou? How can I get there? B: Yzh z zai y` zhuan. i i ou, ` ou Walk straight, then turn right. Key Vocabulary Tian'anmen guangchang l i Tiananmen square (distant) from yuan z enme yzh i i z ou ` zai zhuan far how continuously to go then to turn Supplementary Vocabulary ` chezhan ` ` guo malu zuoguai ` zuoche ou w ang qian z shz`luk i i ` ou station to go across the road to turn left to take a bus to go straight crossroads ...
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