Newbie 30 Whos That Girl

Newbie 30 Whos That Girl - Newbie Who's that girl A(A0030 T...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Who's that girl? A: (A0030) T sh` shei? a i Who is she? B: T sh` wo de pengyou. a i She is my friend. A: ` Zhendema? T hen piaoliang. a Really? She is really pretty. B: W y juede. Ynwei ta sh` wo de nu engyou. o e i ` i up I also think so, because she is my girlfriend. Key Vocabulary shei pengyou ` piaoliang who friend pretty zhendema y e juede ynwei i ` nu engyou up really also to think because girlfriend Supplementary Vocabulary ` shuai ` gaoda i nianqng nanpengyou ` renshi handsome big young boyfriend to know ...
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