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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - All in the Family (A0031) W ang Xiaojie sh` yngguoren. i i Ms. Wang is British. T zhu zai Nanjng. a ` ` i She lives in Nanjing. i T hen xhuan Nanjng. a i She really likes Nanjing. ` T y y ge meimei. a ou i She has a younger sister. T meiy gege. a ou She doesn't have an older brother. T y y ge nanpengyou. a ou i She has a boyfriend. John T jiao John. a ` His name is John. John John sh` Meiguoren. i John is American. ` T hen haokan. a He is very good-looking. T y zhu zai Nanjng. a e ` ` i He also lives in Nanjing. T amen dou hen mang. They're both very busy. Key Vocabulary yngguoren i xhuan i ` meimei British person to like younger sister gege nanpengyou ` haokan y e dou mang Supplementary Vocabulary nu engyou up jiejie d`di i ` zhangfu qzi i gao ai miaotiao older brother boyfriend good-looking also all busy girlfriend older sister younger brother husband wife tall short slender ` pang ` nankan chou fat malformation ugly ...
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