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Newbie 32 Meet Market - Newbie - Meet Market A: (A0032) i...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Meet Market A: (A0032) i Shenmeshhou kaihu`? i ` When is the meeting? B: ` ` i i W omen wudianzhong kaihu`. Xianzai jdian? The meeting starts at 5 o'clock. What time is it now? A: ` ` i Xianzai s`dian. It is 4 o'clock now. Key Vocabulary shenmeshhou i ` i kaihu` wudianzhong ` ` xianzai jdian i when to have a meeting at 5 o'clock now what time Supplementary Vocabulary hu`y` i i ` jieshu i kaish canjia chdao i ` conference over start join in be late for ...
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