Newbie 33 Paying the Bill

Newbie 33 Paying the Bill - Newbie Paying the Bill A(A0033...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Paying the Bill A: (A0033) Fuwuyuan, maidan. ` Waiter, the bill. B: W lai fu, hao ma? o ` Let me get this, OK? A: ` ` Buxng. Gei wo mianzi, wo lai fuqian. ` i No way. Give me face. I'll pay. B: ` i i ` Bu k i. Xiac` n fu. ` ey That's not OK. You pay next time. A: ou. Aiy (groan) Key Vocabulary fuwuyuan ` maidan waiter to get the bill lai fu ` b` ing ux gei ` mianzi fuqian ` k i ey ` i xiac` Supplementary Vocabulary qngk` i e k` eqi qiang ygong i ` ` kanbuq i f ao api ` to come to pay not OK to give face to pay can next to invite guests polite to snatch all together to look down on ticket i meic` ` shangc` i every time last time ...
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