Newbie 34 Tone Practice

Newbie 34 Tone Practice - Newbie Tone Practice(A0034...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Tone Practice (A0034) S`sheng i four tones ang Dongf the orient ` ang Dongf bridal chamber i Gongl kilometers Gong L` i Gong Li (famous Chinese actress) Zhugan bamboo stick Zhugan pig liver Key Vocabulary s`sheng i ang dongf ` ang dongf i gongl Gong L` i zhugan zhugan Supplementary Vocabulary ` shengdiao d` y sheng i i d` er sheng i` d` san sheng i tone 1st tone 2nd tone 3rd tone the four tones the Orient bridal chamber kilometer Gong Li bamboo pole pork liver d` s` sheng i i qngsheng i ` zhunque 4th tone neutral tone accurate ...
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