Newbie 35 Ive Heard About You

Newbie 35 Ive Heard About You - Newbie I've heard about you...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - I've heard about you A: (A0035) i i W tngshuo n sh` meiguoren, du` ma? o i i I heard that you are American. Is that right? B: ` ` i Du`. Shei gaosu n de? i That's right. Who told you? A: ` ` W de pengyou gaosu wo de. o My friend told me. B: Zhendema? N de pengyou sh` shei? i i Really? Who is your friend? A: L Xiaojie. i Miss Li. Key Vocabulary tngshuo i sh` i meiguoren du` ma i du` i shei ` ` gaosu wo de pengyou zhende ma n de i to hear told to be an American right? right who to tell my friend really? your Supplementary Vocabulary b` du` u i ` shuocuo ` tngcuo i not right to speak wrongly to hear incorrectly na guo ren bieren tongxue tongsh` i ` renshi people of which nation other people classmate colleague knowledge ...
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