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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Family Ties A: (A0036) N jia y duoshao ren? i ou How many people are there in your family? B: Ygong y san ge ren. W baba, mama he wo. i ` ou o ` Altogether there are three people. My dad, mom, and me. A: i ` N meiy xiongd` jiemei ma? i ou Don't you have brothers and sisters? B: W meiy o ou. No. Key Vocabulary jia y ou duoshao family to have how many ren ygong i ` ` baba mama he ou meiy xiongd` i ` jiemei person altogether dad mom and to not have brothers sisters Supplementary Vocabulary shushu i ay dushengznu i i jiatng y eye nainai uncle auntie an only child family grandfather grandmother ...
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