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Newbie 38 Professional Life - Newbie Professional Life...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Professional Life A: (A0038) ` i N de gongzuo sh` shenme? i What is your job? B: ` W sh` lu i. Nne? o i ush i I am a lawyer. And you? A: ` W sh` j`zhe. W neng buneng wen n yxie went? o i i o i i ` i I am a journalist. Can I ask you some questions? B: ` ` ` Du`buq. W xianzai b` tai f i i o ` ` u ` angbian. Zaijian. Um, sorry. Now is not very convenient for me. Bye. Key Vocabulary ` gongzuo ` lu i ush j`zhe i work lawyer reporter neng buneng b` ai ut ` ` f angbian can or cannot not very convenient Supplementary Vocabulary zhy` i e jngcha i zhwei i ` ` jiaosh i gongs zhyuan i i gongchengsh i i jiatng zhufu ` occupation policeman position teacher staff engineer housewife ...
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