Newbie 39 The Big Guy

Newbie 39 The Big Guy - Newbie - The Big Guy A: (A0039) ` N...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - The Big Guy A: (A0039) ` N xhuan n de gongzuo ma? i i i Do you like your job? B: ` Xhuan. Dansh` wo b` ai xhuan wo de laoban. i i ut ` i I like it. But I don't really like my boss. A: Zhendema? N weishenme b` xhuan ta? i ` u i Really? Why don't you like him? B: Ynwei ta hen xiong. i ` Because he is very bad-tempered. Key Vocabulary xhuan i n de i ` gongzuo to like your job ` dansh` i b` ai ut ` wo de laoban zhendema ` weishenme ynwei i ` xiong but not too much my boss really why because ferocious Supplementary Vocabulary f ang eich wuliao ` dandiao y i anl` i xiaoq` ` ang daf extremely boring monotonous serious stingy generous ` y oumo ttie i humor to accomodate ...
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