Newbie 40 Married With Children

Newbie 40 Married With Children - Newbie Married with...

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Unformatted text preview: Newbie - Married with Children A: (A0040) N jiehun le ma? i Are you married? B: ou. o i Meiy W sh` danshen. N ne? i No. I am single. And you? A: W jiehun le. W y liang ge xiaohai. o o ou I am married. I have two kids. B: Nan de haishi nu de? Male or female? A: Y ge nan de, y ge nu de. i i A boy and a girl. Key Vocabulary jiehun ou meiy sh` i danshen n ne i y ou liang ge xiaohai nan de haishi nu de to get married to not have to be single person what about you to have two (common measure word) children male or female Supplementary Vocabulary yjng ii lhun i already to get divorced ` weihun yhun i i nianqng z`y i ou xhuan i x`ngfu i i jiatng unmarried married young freedom to like fortunate family ...
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