Biolabthing - Essay Questions Genetic Changes Lab Questions a How did you study the impacts of selection on populations of deer mice b How does

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Essay Questions: Genetic Changes Lab Questions: a.) How did you study the impacts of selection on populations of deer mice? b.) How does selection created by the predatory activities of barn owls affect the genotype and allele frequencies of populations of deer mice? c.) Can selection cause a deer mouse population to evolve? d.) Does the strength of selection influence its ability to bring about evolutionary change? Answers: a.) We studied the impact of selection on populations of deer mice through a series of simulations that took into account different environmental factors. In the experiments, beans of two different colors were used to represent the alleles that determine the color of the mice's fur. We simulated three different sets of environments: one in which both mice (light and dark) had an equal chance of survival, one in which the light mice are at a higher risk of being eaten due to partially shaded black lava outcrop by bushes, and finally one in which all light mice were eaten due to a shade less black lava outcrop.
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