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Materials and Methods: The experiment consisted of an attempt at recreating a natural situation using members of the lab section. Starting with a single “original protozoa” of either paramecium forkus or paramecium chopstickii in the intra-specific competition trial or one of each in the inter-specific competition test the lab group members used their forks and/or chopsticks to pick up food units (kidney beans). In order to survive an individual had to gather at least five beans and for each additional five beans they earned an offspring (ten-fourteen beans=one offspring etc), bringing another member of their
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Unformatted text preview: species into the environment. At the beginning of each individual trial, consisting of fifteen generations, two hundred beans were scattered in the feeding area and at the end of each of these generations, consisting of thirty seconds, forty more beans were scattered to replenish the food supply. The intended method of food gathering for forkus individuals was to pick up each bean and then place it into their hand while chopstickii was able to scoop the beans. The data was recorded throughout the experiment then compiled into tables and represented graphically....
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