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Reading Response #1 - Greg Reynolds History 6B (GSI: Scott...

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Greg Reynolds History 6B (GSI: Scott Norton) 12 February 2009 Contrast and Footbinding Precious Records, Women in China’s Long Eighteenth Century by Susan Mann studies the lives of women in the High Qing period through several lenses. Mann begins the section “perspectives of the female life course” with a claim that women writers “challenged the accepted meaning (of their lives) by their erudition and their eloquence” yet she quickly changes direction into a discussion of footbinding. 1 When Mann writes, “a young girl’s feet began to be tightly bound with strips of cloth to crush and reshape the bones,” she creates a sharp contrast to the earlier passage and to modern western culture. 2 In a single sentence the author shows the constricted freedom that marginalized women into “tiny ‘lotuses’ that would capture an appropriate marriage partner.” 3 Mann use of contrast adds effect to her point considering the duality of Qing women’s culture that is adequately summarized in the transitional sentence. Mann uses a stark and abrupt contrast to add weight to her point.
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Reading Response #1 - Greg Reynolds History 6B (GSI: Scott...

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