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Greg Reynolds History 6B 6 April 2009 Research Paper Proposal The paper I am proposing will be titled “Kidnapping and The Chinese Republican Revolution” and focus on the kidnapping of Sun Yat-sen. The paper will attempt to construct an argument to decide whether or not the kidnapping provided a major push in Sun’s role and the role of organizations he created in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty. At this point the paper will be arguing that Sun’s capture and subsequent release contributed to his aura as a revolutionary leader but did not contribute all that significantly to the growing radicalization of his thought or to the eventuality of his role in the overthrow of Qing China. The primary sources to be used as of now are The political thought of Sun Yat-sen : development and impact
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Unformatted text preview: by Audrey Wells, Sun Yat-sen by Richard W. Rigby Sun Yat-sen : founder and symbol of China's revolutionary nation-building by Gottfried-Karl Kindermann and The origins of an heroic image : Sun Yatsen in London, 1896-1897 by J.Y. Wong. Various JSTOR articles will likely supplement these sources but these four books currently fill out my primary focus. The paper will be structured around discussions of the four major texts to begin with then a synthesized analysis of the all four that brings the paper around to its conclusion. The introduction and subsequent paragraph will create a quick background of the situation surrounding Sun’s kidnapping but following this quick overview the paper will focus on the kidnapping and its consequences very narrowly....
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