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ID #5: 2/29 T.V.A. (Tennessee Valley Authority)- Created in May 1933 and was a government institution created to finish up the Muscle Shoals dam and build others in that region and by this process generate and sell energy in the Tennessee Valley. This organization was considered one of the more effective of the New Deal as it managed to bring reasonably priced electricity to most of the South. The T.V.A is often sited as an example of the benefits and effectiveness of the New Deal. The dams not only helped to bring electricity
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Unformatted text preview: but stopped flooding and lowered the risks for further catastrophic floods like the Mississippi Flood. Basically the T.V.A revitalized the region by renovating water transportation, eliminating flooding, and providing power to farmers who had never had it before. Outside the region the T.V.A set the bar for cheap effective power. Despite the Tennessee Valley Authority the Tennessee Valley remained largely impoverished throughout the Great Depression. (info from Brinkley 697-698)...
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