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Greg Reynolds History 7B: Section 126 15 February 2008 De Lôme Letter At the close of the nineteenth century America stood watching at the edge of a conflict between the imperial power of Spain and its colony Cuba. Years of Spanish rule and militaristic treatment had turned Cuba into a quagmire of revolution, controlled by a tough military dictatorship. Despite the efforts of yellow journalism, the practice of publishing exaggerated sensationalized stories, American opinion lay divided on intervening in Cuba until a series of effects swung the tide towards an armed action in Cuba. The De Lôme letter derives its importance from pushing the United States over the brink into a conflict on the side of Cuban independence and in a greater sense the Spanish-American War of 1898. The document, written in 1898, discloses the vague animosity Spain felt for the American public and governmental position on the Cuban Revolution that would contribute to causes of the war. Enrique Dupuy de Lôme wrote the letter to his personal acquaintance José Canelejas as proved by the letters informal tone “You have no reason to ask my excuses for not having written to me, I ought also to have written to you.” (De Lôme letter) De Lôme speaks of his work and his convictions concerning Cuba, to give his acquaintance details on his recent life. The casual nature of the discourse leads De Lôme to drop his diplomatic pretensions and expressing, in harsh terms, his opinions on American politicians and in specific President McKinley calling McKinley “weak” and a “bidder for the admirations of the crowd.” (De Lôme
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De Lôme - 1 Greg Reynolds History 7B...

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