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Greg Reynolds History 7B Section 126 Identification 2: Coney Island The first resort was built here in 1824 but the cultural phenomenon didn’t arise until the 1870’s and 1880’s when railroads were built offering better access to the beach to citizens. With this new access and new market created investors began to build spectacular attractions and amusements where New Yorkers and other Americans began to spend their limited leisure time in escapist activities. By the 1890’s Coney Island hit its true stride with new attractions like Sea Lion Park and Steeplechase Park then later the
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Unformatted text preview: addition of Luna Park in 1903 gave lower class working people a place of excitement and escape. This phenomenon represented a greater societal need to escape the crowded city areas and escape to the amusements of a more simple area. Coney Island offered a place where people could experience American culture amongst others of all societal levels, positions and backgrounds. In an era before the integration of television and escapist radio Coney Island represented one of the few ways to get away from the reality of working class life....
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