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1. Open paragraph It was the first day period She had come from a far period tonight at dinner comma the families would ask comma open quotation marks How was the first day interrogation mark close quotation marks at least to say the least of it possible comma the answer would be open quotation marks there is but one thing period There is someone period From a far period close quotation marks. Pg 1 2. She mimicks the speaking. That might resemble speech. (Anything at all.) Bared noise, groan, bits torn from words. Since she hesitates to measure the accuracy, she resorts to mimicking gestures with the mouth. The entire lower lip would lift upwards then sink back to its original place. She would then gather both lips and protrude them in a put taking in the breath that might utter some thing. (One thing. Just one.) Bu the breath falls away. With a slight tilting of her head backwards, she would gather the strength in her shoulders and remain in this position. Pg 3 3. Others anonymous her
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