Thesis thingy - soundless bell.”(46 Quotes supporting an ambivalent position “Small animals took refuge against our bodies we held our breath

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Thesis: Yusef Komunyakaa uses a variety of rhetorical devices and reoccurring themes in Dien Cai Dau to present the Vietnam War as a solely destructive force upon soldiers not only physically but mentally. Quotes for: hell world of tunnels “like an angel/ pushed up against what hurts,” (5) also “Through silver/ lice, shit, maggots, & vapor of pestilence” (5) “We have played Judas where/ only machine-gun fire brings us /together.” (29) another good one for enjambment with break after brings us. “but he merely rocked on his good leg/ like a bleak &
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Unformatted text preview: soundless bell.” (46) Quotes supporting an ambivalent position: “Small animals took refuge/ against our bodies; we held our breath,/ ready to spring the L-shaped/ ambush, as a world revolved/ under each man’s eyelid.” (4) good one for enjambment with the refuge part=could be used for destructive part. “They sigh & forget/ their lists of Mikes/ Bills, Joes, & Johns,/ as they shed miniskirts/ thinner than memories” (54) ranges ambivalent to good. Role of women=positive force?...
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