Lec 4 - 1/31/06 California Freedom? Fault lines of the...

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1/31/06 California Freedom? Fault lines of the White Republic Lecture 4 Gold Rush Era: First White Republic Origins of Whiteness o ‘White’ = Euro-American o America is trying to differentiate themselves from Europe Therefore we should not replicate Europe Including not killing each other You come to America, you are American (Americanization) Still had a Master Race o Birth of the Republic Philadelphia Freedom (1700s) Mixing Europeans o Very tolerant of all immigrants unlike New England o New England was more White, Anglo, Protestant Little slavery Early republic (1776-1830) Democracy Small Property o Birth of White Republic Jacksonian Democracy (1830s and 40s) Free White Men Triumph over Federalists Anti-capitalist populism Created the greatest freedom created on the face of the earth Last Gasp of the Republic o California – Great White Hope? The last frontier, Placer mining, Revolutions of 1848 Attraction not just gold but incredible sense of liberty for Europeans Enters as a non-slave state The use of ‘Union’ in the naming became popular o 1840, 2 million Irish leaves due to great potato famine A lot go to English cities or US East Coast o 19 century, 5 times more liquor drunk per capita than now Irish come to America to be called White and not look down upon Racing for the Gold o Indians called diggers, doomed by history, subhuman Little Opposition No rights under the constitution Bounty payments Round up Indians like slaves No Reservations till >1870 o Early anti-Chinese actions No citizenship 1851 Foreign miners’ tax, 1850 & 1852 Any white could collect, but widely ignored o Mexican lower classes Foreign Miner’s tax – Hardly enforced
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Lec 4 - 1/31/06 California Freedom? Fault lines of the...

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