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Alisa is not a Guinea Pig

Alisa is not a Guinea Pig - Greg Reynolds English R1A Girl...

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Greg Reynolds English R1A Girl Not Guinea Pig My girlfriend’s love of vegetables, especially carrots, and mammalian characteristics may make it easy to misconstrue her as a guinea pig. Her flaxen hair may also lead a common observer down this path as many domestic guinea pigs share this particular characteristic. But despite this myriad of similarities my girlfriend, Alisa, is in fact not a rodent, but a human being as exhibited by her significant comparative height, quickness, intelligence and communicative abilities. As members of the mammal kingdom Alisa and guinea pigs share many characteristics such as warm blood, the presence of hair, ears, eyes and teeth, that make it seem they belong to the same species. Also the two enjoy similar foods with their diets centered on vegetables pointing to a similar creature type. In addition, the common hair color gives the impression that Alisa and these small furry rodents share too many qualities to not be classified together under Cavia porcellus .
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