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Unformatted text preview: Math 374, Exam 1 Information Exam 1 will be based on: • Sections 1.1 - 1.6. • The corresponding assigned homework problems (see http://www.math.sc.edu/ ∼ boylan/SCCourses/374Sp09/374.html) At minimum, you need to understand how to do the homework problems. • Lecture notes: 1/12 - 2/6. Topic List (not necessarily comprehensive): You will need to know how to define vocabulary words/phrases defined in class. § 1.1 : Statements, symbolic representation, and tautologies . Logical connectives (e.g., conjunction, disjunction, implication, negation, equivalence); truth tables, well-formed for- mulas (wffs); tautologies; De Morgan’s Laws. § 1.2 : Propositional logic . Propositions; valid arguments; derivation rules (e.g., equivalence rules such as commutativity and inference rules such as modus ponens and modus tollens); deduction method; proof sequences as a method for proving that a propositional wff is a tautology....
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