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excel 6

excel 6 - There should be a total of 7 files to submit for...

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Name Excel Tutorial 6 Instructions Excel Tutorial 6 Study the objectives, read the case, and read through Excel Tutorial 6 doing the hands-on exercises when instructed. What To Turn In: Case Problem 2 - pages 328-329 Submit the following files: UTE Carson City, UTE Reno, UTE Vegas, UTE Summary, UTE Web Page, UTE Template, and Carson City 2011. Make sure the files you are going to turn in are not OPEN on your computer! Click the Assignment Link below then Browse to find the first file and save it. Now Browse again to find each additional file and save them. When all files are saved, enter a comment if there is something you need to tell me about this assignment and click the Submit button to make the files available to me for grading. (You do not have to save all files during the same visit to the website, just do not click Submit until you have everything included that you want me to grade.)
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Unformatted text preview: There should be a total of 7 files to submit for this packet. If done correctly you should see an exclamation point ( ! ) for your grade for this packet. Use the My Grades Button to check this. When grading is complete your packet score will show here. If you see a paper instead of an exclamation point then you have not Submitted the packet to me for grading. These worksheets let me know if you understood the material presented in the Tutorial and must show that to get full credit for this homework assignment. Don't put the assignment off until just before it is due. Allow yourself time for questions. Remember you are responsible for all the material covered in this Tutorial; not just what you turn in....
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