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Chapter 1 Case Project Jon Majerowski

Chapter 1 Case Project Jon Majerowski - NAME_Jon Majerowski...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: ____Jon Majerowski________________________ IST125 Case Project 1-3 The Reasoning Today, almost everyone is familiar with the Internet and how to search for information. As an IT professional your job will require you to become a super sleuth. You will need to find everything from out-of-date drivers to the latest and greatest technologies. Your first assignment is going to be the following: The Scenario The owners of Thrift Towne and Scoops were so impressed with your networking abilities that they recommended you apply for a network administrator position in one of the city government offices. You applied for the job and got an interview. Although you think the interview was successful, the city's director of planning unfortunately didn't offer you the job, because he didn't think you were qualified. In particular, he wanted you to have more hands-on experience with enterprise wide networks. What can you do to gain that experience and ensure that you don't miss another great opportunity? Breaking down the Task Ok, first let's look at what the city's director wanted out of you and didn't get. Now, let's do a search on those words using Google or any other search engine. (Don't know any others? Do a search on search engines.) Ok, now you should know more about the subject, but what should we do with this knowledge? Well he wanted you to have more hands-on experience. Well obviously you can't have hands-on experience without using your hands... so; you need to choose anything from your search that would possibly provide you with hands-on training of some sort. Perhaps you could even find a job shadowing or doing volunteer work that would provide you with this experience. The Task I want you to answer the question above by giving me at least 5 options that you can choose from. Now for full credit you need to provide me with more than just a listing of web sites. You need to actually tell me what it is the web site or the company will provide you. So, if it is a training site, how much or what types of hands-on practice will you get? I expect at the minimum a paragraph explaining your choices and what they offer. Your Response: 1. http://www.netwind.com/html/cisco-works-cwent-training.html The CWENT course is a necessity for managing small/medium/large Cisco-based LANs and WANs. CWENT combines lecture and extensive hands-on lab time to instruct the students on how to apply CiscoWorks applications to manage network configurations faults and performance. This course will show the students how to manage and solve problems using the applications and tools bundled together in the LMS (LAN Management Solution) and RWAN (Routed WAN) management solution sets. 2. http://www.perpetual-solutions.com/training-course/862/CWENT--Implementing- CiscoWorks-for-Enterprise-LAN-WAN-Management.htm Implementing CiscoWorks for Enterprise LAN/WAN Management (CWENT) course is a necessity for understanding how to use CiscoWorks to manage small/medium/large Ciscobased LANs and WANs. CWENT combines lecture and extensive hands-on lab time to instruct the delegates on how to apply CiscoWorks applications to manage network configurations, faults and performance. This course will show the delegates how to manage and solve problems using the applications and tools bundled together in the LMS (LAN Management Solution) and RWAN (Routed WAN) management solution sets. The target audience for CiscoWorks Basics comprises network managers, administrators, and other network operators who need to learn about managing networks with Cisco network management tools. 3. http://www304.ibm.com/jct03001c/services/learning/ites.wss/ca/en? pageType=course_description&courseCode=KNE460CE IBM is pleased to offer this unique self-paced course from SkillSoft delivered to your desktop or laptop through the Internet. This class is a recorded self-paced version of the Live course. It is accessible 24/7 for a one year subscription. The course is delivered by two certified instructors. While accessing the class, you can participate in engaging hands-on labs and enjoy multimedia presentations with top-quality au of the KnowledgeNet Live instructor- led sessions X The same expert instructors, custom graphics, and animations as KnowledgeNet Live p Hands-on LabWare and real-world simulations concise, condensed version Class sessions that are available anywhere there's a computer -- at home, work, or on the road dio, graphics and animations. An online student guide is available in PDF format and can be printed. 4. http://www.seminarinformation.com/qqbrgr/cwent-implementing-ciscoworks-forenterprise-lan-wan Our focus is to not just teach you how to use the applications in CiscoWorks - we teach you how to manage a network with our exclusive materials on network management best practices. Our Course Director has not only added new subject matter to the course, we have also enhanced the lecture portion of the standard class with new material. And we have added hands-on labs where the standard course only had lecture material. 5. http://www.cbtplanet.com/cisco-training-courses/implementing-ciscoworks-enterpriselan-wan-management-cwent.htm Today's Cisco networks are complex and highly critical. This bundled computer based training course covers fundamental and important CiscoWorks applications for managing Cisco equipment efficiently and effectively. These applications may be basic in nature but it can be extremely difficult to effectively configure CiscoWorks Common Services and the Resource Manager Essentials. Following the step-by-step instructions and practicing the hands on labs, you will gain the skills to master this complicated set of Cisco products. After reviewing all the available training courses and the options of web based, cd rom based or in person courses I have found that a deciding factor would most likely be price and convenience. This is a very expensive certification to acquire and they all are priced around the same amount of money. Most if not all of the classes do offer the same amount of "hand on" training. The one that I feel best suits my needs would be the IBM self-paced course. I feel that I could obtain my CWENT at the speed that best suits my needs. If I really wanted to push myself and to reapply for the position I would focus all of my time on the course. If I was already working and could not allow myself to focus solely on the course the IBM self paced course would be ideal. ...
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