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Chapter 2 Case Project

Chapter 2 Case Project - tampering with his computer when...

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NAME: __________________________ IST125 Chapter 2 Case Project Remember to break down the problem into its separate components before you try to solve it. What is not working? Why is it not working? Before you answer the first two questions, make sure you do it on a networked machine! You are a networking professional who works in a college computer lab. The computers run only the TCP/IP protocol on an Ethernet network and all computers use 3Com NICs. Many beginning computer science students use this lab for homework; you help them access the network and troubleshoot problems with their connections on a daily basis. One day, a student begins
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Unformatted text preview: tampering with his computer; when he restarts the computer, it alerts him that it can’t find the network. He calls you over to help. You first ensure that all of the physical connections are sound. Then you check the workstation’s network and protocol properties. 1. Where did you go to find the network properties? 2. How were you able to access the TCP/IP settings? (What steps did you take after you reached the network properties location?) You find that he has changed the frame type that his NIC uses to transmit data from Ethernet to Token Ring. 3. Explain why this has prevented the workstation from connecting to the network....
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