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CHapter 3CaseProj - IST125 Chapter 3 Case Projects NAME...

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IST125 Chapter 3: Case Projects NAME: ______________________________ Remember to first break the problem down into what it is asking you and then figure out what the possible answers could be based on what you’ve learned in this week’s chapter material. If you get stuck, just do the best you can and we will go over it in class. Pay special attention to what it is asking you for the required results versus the optional results. Required results are not negotiable, you MUST meet them. Optional results are nice if you can get them, but if you have to, you can live without them. Case Project 3-1 XYZ Corp.’s Nashua, NH, facilities are two office buildings 400 feet apart, each with its own LAN. To connect the two networks, you plan to dig a trench and lay cable in conduit between the two buildings. You want to use fiber-optic cable, but your budget-conscious facilities manager wants to use 100 Mbps Ethernet over twisted-pair. What reasons can you give to justify fiber-optic cable in this case? (Choose more than one) A. Twisted-pair 10Base-TX will span a 400-foot distance B. Fiber-optic cable is cheaper and easier to work with than twisted-pair. C. Twisted-pair is a conductive cable and can, therefore, carry current based on the difference in ground potential between the two buildings. D. Fiber-optic leaves more room for growth and future needs for increased bandwidth than
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CHapter 3CaseProj - IST125 Chapter 3 Case Projects NAME...

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